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Kim's Crane provides a one stop resource to buy origami papers and decorative papers useful for origami and other crafts.  We are one of the largest supplier of origami papers outside of Japan. We deal directly with 35 manufactures worldwide with access to many more. We also carry additional items that will enhance your paper projects.  We ship world-wide.

In 1995, Kim's Crane began providing origami papers and supplies for the origami artist and other crafters.  The origami artist and other crafters will find packaged origami papers products in an assortment of plain color, foils, single sided, double sided, and printed pattern colors as well as diverse textures imported from Japan, Korea, and other world suppliers.  For a definition or description of the different origami paper type terms see the table at

Kim's Crane selection of decorative papers includes: Elephant hide paper, Washi, Glassine (kite paper), Florentine, Kraft, Chiyogami, Crepe paper, Itajime, and Unryu (mulberry).  More information about the decorative papers see:  Decorative Paper Table

Kim's Crane boutique studio is located near Snohomish, Washington, where the a buyer can view and purchase the products in person.  The studio is open by appointment only.

Please refer to Kim's Crane terminology table to assist you in searching for origami papers and/or decorative papers.  Terminology table located at .  This terminology table may give the user added information on the papers of each searchable term.

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