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This table was created to explain Kim's Crane Package Origami papers categories.  Some origami packaged  products will be list under more than one category as items in the package falls in more than one category.    Here at Kim's Crane, we do our best in helping you locate the origami papers you want.

Package Origami Papers

Origami Single sided solid 'plain' color papers

Plain origami papers Image

Plain color papers are made for specifically for Origami.  The papers are printed with single color on one side.  Sometimes the name Kami is used for these paper.  The word kami is Japanese for paper.

Origami papers with print or patterns

Origami Prints Papers Image

Prints papers are paper made for origami with a pattern.  The pattern papers have more the one color printed on one side of the paper.

Origami Double sided papers

Origami Double sided Paper Image

Double sided papers are papers with two finish 'printed' sides.  The paper can be solid color on both sides (same color or different colors), print-prints, or prints-solid.

Origami foil papers

Origami Foil Paper Image

Foil papers are origami papers with a thin layer of foil adhered to paper

Origami papers Kits

Origami Paper Kits

Kits are origami projects assembled to made predefined objects.

Other types of Origami papers

other Origami Papers Image

Other origami papers is the area where Kim's Crane has grouped together papers which cannot be easily placed into the above groups.

Origami Lucky Star papers

Origami lucky stars

Origami Lucky stars are strips of colorful papers folded to look like stars.  They are usually kept in heart shaped glass bottles for good luck.  They can also be used for jewelry, earring, decorations, necklaces, Christmas tree ornaments and so much more