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Color Matching for Special Events



If you are trying to match exactly (or as close as possible) a color or colors for a wedding or other special event, do not depend on the screen image that accompanies the product write up description. The processes used to make the images do not always provide true color rending. We, Kim’s Crane are willing to work with you in finding as close of a match as possible. To help us in finding the match, we request that you send us a sample color (paper or ribbon etc.) and we will take this sample and physically match it against the papers we have in stock. Once we have checked our stock, we will send you an e-mail listing the products(s) that most closely match. We will also notify you if there is no close or exact match.


You may send the sample and detail description of the paper you are looking for to this address:


Kim's Crane

2801 Bickford Avenue

Suite 103-140

Snohomish, WA 98290