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Kim's Crane uses the term Decorative Papers or Artisan Papers to classify papers that are normally sold in larger size and single sheets.  These papers are produced for many different arts/crafts beside origami.  Some of these papers are available in small sizes and packages of more than one sheet.  The terms used here are there to help the user understand the paper.  

Decorative Papers (Artisan Papers)

Elephant Hide paper

Zanders writes: "Elephant Hide paper is an extraordinary product combining timeless beauty with uncommon practicality. The manufacturing process is unique: the paper is made in accordance with a 'very old recipe.' It runs, ever so slowly, on machinery made especially for this product. The characteristic veining varies sheet to sheet, as do the shape and caliper, making the resulting product as close to 'hand-made' as possible, with a striking resemblance to marble. Yet, owing to a special surface treatment, the paper has a high degree of resistance to scratching, scuffing and grease stains, and can be wiped with a damp cloth."

Usages include; origami paper, origami Wet folding, book binding, book covers, documents, certificates, packaging, menus, greeting cards, and wet folding origami models, laser printable, sophisticated paper arts, collage, scrap booking, sculptures, mixed media

Washi paper

See paper "Origami Discovers Washi Paper" by Kimberly Crane

Glassine (Kite paper)

Glassine paper - (translucent paper); 100% sulphite, acid free, machine made.

Usages include; origami paper, origami, paper folding, gift wrapping, window stars, scrap booking, collage, flowers, tissue foil, back coating, mixed media, note cards, tessellations, complex origami

Florentine paper

Paper base is 100% sulfite, acid free, and printer friendly. Each paper is approx 90 g/m2.

Usages; bookbindery, creative and artistic hobbies, scrap booking, origami, origami boxes, DIY, decoration and decoupage, and collage.

Kraft paper

Paper is 40 gsm. Reverse side of paper is kraft brown.

Kraft paper is good for, origami, scrap booking, book covers, kirigami, doll making, modulars, boxes, stars, card making, decoupage, paper folding, gift wrap

Chiyogami paper

See paper "Origami Discovers Chiyogami" By Kimberly Crane

Crepe paper

Japanese double-sided crepe paper. The crepe paper Kim's Crane sells is stiffer but not thicker than the double sided crepe paper one normally finds from Germany. The stiffness allows the paper to retain its structure much longer than normal crepe paper.

Usages include; paper flowers, collage, mixed media, card invitations, doll making, book arts, personal journals, gift wrapping, scrap booking, lining envelopes, sculptures, embellishments for many paper other paper arts

Itajime paper

This paper is handmade from Kozo bark and then hand dyed.

Usages include; origami paper, origami, paper folding, gift wrapping, scrap booking, collage, flowers, mixed media, note cards, tessellations, kirigami, bookmaking, note cards, card, lining envelopes, sophisticated paper arts, decoupage, tissue foil, chigiri-e

Unryu (mulberry) paper

  AKA as Cloud Dragon Paper comes in diverse thicknesses, soft to the touch, harvested from the mulberry tree, comes in many colors and textures, semi-translucent with swirls of kozo throughout. Natural pH. 
For more information about unryu/mulberry read Kimberly's factual on Mulberry Paper.

Usages include; origami paper, gift wrapping, scrap booking, paper flowers, collage, mized media, note cards, tesselations, kirigami, card lining envelopes, sophisticated paper arts, tissue foil, chigiri-e, lampshades